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For Golf Lovers of Every Age

League Times

Interested in joining a golf league? Raisin Valley offers several league options for everyone. View our special Membership Rates for more information.

Men’s Leagues

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings both early, 4 pm and late, 5:30 pm start times.
Ladies Leagues
Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings both early and late start times.
Mixed Leagues
Wednesdays and Fridays.
Morning Leagues
Wednesdays for both men and women.
Also we have drop in Senior Scrambles on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday mornings 9 am (Memorial Day – Labor Day).
Call 517-423-2050 or contact us to sign up today.
Monday Leagues
Men 4:00-5:30
Ladies 4:00-5:30
Late Men 5:30-6:30
Tuesday Leagues
Tuesday Night Men 4:00-6:00
Deerfield Men 3:30-5:15
Wacker Mixed League 5:15-6:30
Wednesday Leagues
Wednesday Morning Chipoff (Ladies) 8:00-9:30
Wednesday morning Men’s League 8:30-9:45
Wednesday Night Men 4:00-5:30
Wednesday Night Ladies 4:00-5:30
Muk’s Pub Scramble Mixed League 5:45-6:30
Carl Wagner Memorial Mixed Scramble League 5:45-6:30
Thursday Leagues
Thursday Night Men 4:00-5:30
The Valley Gals 4:00-5:30
The Tee Totalers Ladies 5:45-6:30
Friday Leagues
TGIF Every Other Friday 5:15-6:30
E/O Every Other Friday 5:30-6:30